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United Healthcare India Customer Care Number

United Healthcare India Helpline Number: Active 24×7

Since 1996, the United Healthcare India Private Limited has brought forth the innovative health care plans to facilitate and promote aUnited Healthcare India Customer Care healthier life. It is a part of the renowned UnitedHealth International. With its mission to facilitate the healthier living for the people, it has been rendering excellent healthcare services with full dedication. Permeating the values of Compassion, Integrity, Innovation, Relationships and Performance; it has been one of the world leaders in the field of healthcare services. With each sliding day, the number of its clients keeps increasing, and accordingly, the United Healthcare India Customer Care Helpline Number also remains busy most of the times. The system of the customer care services has been quite customer friendly, and it is very much applauded by its clients.

Since its inception, the United Healthcare India has rendered commendable services to the pregnant women and the newborn infants. Its Healthy Pregnancy Program has been highly popular and beneficial for both the pregnant women and the infants. Also, its Employee Assistance Program has been very successful in assisting the employees in a profitable manner. Thousands of employees from hundred of reputed firms have been benefitting from its plans, and the United Healthcare Customer Care Number duly serves its clients in an overall manner all the time.

The program of medical checkup has also been very much acclaimed by the clients. The Pre-Policy Medicals, and the Corporate Health Checkups are very rare kinds of programs. It has its own Preferred Hospitals Network through which it endeavors to render the excellent healthcare services. Also, the Health Risk Assessment program is very helpful to the clients in facilitating healthier living and lifestyle. It enables the individuals to monitor their own health with frequent HRA participation. The services of the United Healthcare India Customer Care Helpline Number remain active 24×7 to support the clients to live a healthier life.

United Healthcare India Contact Number Details
United Healthcare Customer Care Helpline Number :  1800-22-8383 (Toll Free)
United Healthcare India Customer Care :  022-30657351/66660990
Cashless Hospitalization Only Nurse Line: 1800-209-8444
United Healthcare India Nurse Line : 022-30657331/66660980
United Healthcare Pre-policy Check-up Number : 022-30657461/62/63/64/65
Annual/pre-employment Health Check up Number: 022–30657568/69
United Healthcare Email: [email protected]