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LIC Term Insurance Anmol Jeevan-II

LIC Term Insurance Anmol Jeevan-II: Currently introduced Anmol Jeevan II is an exceptional life cover program which provides best value life cover on simpleLIC NEW Anmol Jeevan premium compensation. Presently, the LIC Term Insurance Anmol Jeevan-II policy could secure his/her nominations with best return value versus a surprising demise by compensating minimum premiums. Anmol Jeevan II policy realizes the worth of a life which is insured and so protects it by submitting a huge compensation that may be up to a mark of 24 lakhs INR in the example of premature demise. For compensation of around 25 lakhs, the policy person could choose the New Amulya Jeevan II, which allows compensating such an amount easily. Therefore, choose your required and desired ones so that you can secure yourself in future without any sort of complication.

Maturity Benefits of LIC Term Insurance Anmol Jeevan-II:

For the basic term plan, the policy doesn’t offer any sort of benefits of maturity. Therefore, when the plan enters into maturity, the policy would terminate existing and the life assured would not be able to demand any sort of compensation profit on the premiums that he/she has done.

Death Benefits:

The benefits of death are limitless here, especially in the LIC Table No 822. As an example of premature sudden death the candidate present in the nomination of the Assured Life Term Insurance Plan would be offered a single-time lump sum amount which is up to a range of 24 lakhs in the sort of death benefits. Hence, it is considered as the best plan along with the nominal premium payments.

Tax Benefits:

The member of the insurance policy would enjoy great tax advantages ranging to 1 Lakh INR. This tax grant is outstanding to the rubrics of Taxes, section 80C along with Section 10 (10D) on the privileges of death. Hence, the benefit of death sum received by the nominee would be a great advantage in case of tax rebate.

Policy Plan:

There is no such provision of such loans against the New LIC Anmol Jeevan. Therefore, the member could not be able to apply relating to this sort of loan at any time or even after the tenure ends.

Surrender Value:

There is no such provision of this type of value in the policy. Therefore, the policy owner would not be able to surrender back with exchange of monetary compensation at any place or time.

Cooling Off Duration:

The corporation offers a cooling off duration if the purchase doesn’t agree with the “Terms and Conditions” of the policy plan. This provision would come into effect after 15 days of receipt date when the policy was purchased. In the mean 15 day period, the purchaser of the policy enjoys some time returning back and gets the refunds if he/she doesn’t like the plan. However, for availing this feature, the purchaser has to register a handwritten application informing the reason of disagreement. Once the policy corporation gets the application then it would be able to refund you the amount after subtracting the miscellaneous compensations of the ongoing policy buying process. After that deduction, your amount will be refunded.


  • Lowest amount for security: 6Lakh INR
  • Greatest amount for security: 24Lakh INR (the amount assured would only be accepted in products of 1Lakh INR)
  • Age Bar: Lowest age- 18+
  • Highest age- below 55years
  • Upper age bar– equal or below 65years
  • Lowest plan duration– 5years
  • Highest plan duration– 25years